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MUSCLE MEMORY is my first solo album, originally due out in 2018. However, due to an unforseen spanner in the works, things have changed. pledgemusic.com the crowd funding site that launched the campaign has gone into administration so I’ve been looking to give the project a new home. Luckily I found a really interesting one…the independent UK label

The State51Conspiracy


They will be releasing the music on digital and physical formats on a date TBD. For those of you who aren’t aware of the theory behind the project - it isn’t exactly a straightforward recording exercise as I may never meet the people I'm working with, nor will they all be professional musicians. I've tapped into the wellspring of musical talent coming out of bedrooms, campuses and computers all over the world by asking people to submit instrumental tracks that I turn into songs. In other words: REMOTE COLLABORATION. I've been sent over 285 tracks so the big challenge has been to whittle them down to the most stimulating 12 and add lyrics and a top line. So, a delay, a process reboot and a message to all my Pledgers…

Dear Pledgers,

First and foremost, thank you for supporting my MUSCLE MEMORY project and I’m sorry for the lack of useful updates but all is clear now. PledgeMusic is, unfortunately, no more so like many other artists I’m moving on. That being said it got the record up and running, helped me to reach other musicians interested in collaborating, and indicated that there were enough people intrigued by solo KG music to make it a worthwhile experiment, but the process failed. Such a shame because the Pledge business model was, for a good while, a great disruptive outlet for all kinds of music and musicians. Still, no looking back, only forwards and forwards for me means a non crowd-funded record release via the extraordinary UK independent label TheState51 conspiracy.


MUSCLE MEMORY will now be released in both digital and physical formats (definitive release date TBD) with regular updates posted right here on my website:

I must also apologise for being unable to deliver the items you pledged for. This is simply because not a penny collected by PledgeMusic for this very purpose ever reached me, which affectively neutralised my ability to do so. All my resources will now go into final recording, mastering and making MUSCLE MEMORY the best record it can possibly be. So, once again, thank you so much for your patience and hopefully your continued enthusiasm for the outcome.

The route has changed but the destination is still the same.

Kevin Godley