GODLEY & CREME's documentary film, first broadcast on Channel 4 in 1988, investigates the circumstances surrounding the assassination of JOHN F KENNEDY and, at the time, was an extraordinary project for 2 video directors to tackle. Music videos are hardly the most profound format in the film maker's canon but we were keen to immerse ourselves in something a little weightier than a singer's cheekbones. The subject was fraught with creative danger as it wasn't enough to just present our case and window dress the look of the show, we needed to be convinced that the arguments presented were watertight and, at the time of filming, that seemed to be the case. During post - production, however, the validity of some source material came into question forcing us to re-evaluate the evidence. Then again the entire assassination scenario is fraught with unreliable evidence, conflicting witness testimony and continuing vested interests - and still the big questions remain unanswered.